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Trailer Landing Gear


Trailer landing Gear for trailer truck





 NameTrailer landing Gear
Specification trailer truck
 Place of originJinan China
Delivery PortAny Port
 Payment TermsL/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
Weight70kg / 100 kg
Single acting / combined acting / hydraulic Type


There are three main types of trailer landing gear sold in the market. The first type is single-action landing gear, the second type is combined landing gear, and the third type is hydraulic landing gear. Each of the three types has its own advantages, customers can choose according to their own needs.

zct去Ⅰ.Single-action landing gear

Gear 3
Ⅱ.Combined landing gear
Landing Gear 2
Ⅲ.Hydraulic landing gear

Landing Gear 1

Fuwa trailer  parts:

S/NProducts Range
1axle, steering knuckle, repair bag, tie rod end, drag link, steering tie rod….
2straight joint, shock absorber, wheel blot, leaf spring assy, wheel hub, gimbal yoke…
3centrale bearing, cross universal joint, transmission shaft, final drive, differential device assy…
4bearing, brake drum, wheel rim, brake shoes,brakd pads, hand brake drum, repair bag, clutch pump,..
5Landing gear, Fifth wheel,...

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