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Sinotruk Draught Base


Sinotruk Draught Base L=165mm D= 90/50mm





Part NumberWG9112930002/ AZ91149300022/ WG9120935049
Product NameSinotruk Draught Base/ fifth whell
Truck modelSINOTRUK
Place of originJINAN, China
Delivery PortANY Port
Payment Terms:L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

 Draught base is used to pull semi trailer traction truck parts, semi trailer is an important part of the car, we usually call it the saddle, it not only plays a tractor and semi trailer link, and its strength and reliability will directly affect the safety of semi trailer train. The main component of the traction seat consists of a cover plate, a saddle base and a locking mechanism. Traction saddle, our company USES the steel plate stamping welding and become, have strong carrying capacity, loading area is large, has good lateral stability, on the roof pressure has grease groove, grease storage to reduce wear and traction pin pin board roof, the company's products are of good quality, good faith for this, service is supreme products are of good quality, integrity-based, service is supreme: +86 13791004000

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