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Air Condition Compressor For Shacman Truck

Air Condition Compressor For Shacman Truck


Shacman truck parts Air Condition Compressor DZ15221840304






Product Name: Air Condition Compressor

OEM P/N: DZ15221840304

Application: Shacman Truck

Truck Model: Delong M3000 / H3000

Size: OEM Standard size

Min. order: 1 pc

Delivery time: 2-3 days for small order, 10-15 days for bulk order 

Other Shacman Truck Spare Parts

Part nameOEM No.
Sunshade (upper)DZ15221880111
sunshade (under)DZ15221880112
Sunshield bracketDZ15221880112
Rear mirror assembly L/RDZ15221770030/40
Door hinge cover L/RDZ15221110077/87
Column exterior panel L/RDZ15221110071/81
Front panelDZ15221110015
In the middle of the panelDZ15221110016/17/18
Wrap angle L/RDZ15221110020/30
Front section of the leaf plate L/RDZ15221242451/52
Leaf edge lampDZ96189121110
The rear section of the leaf plate is long L/RDZ15221230415/16
The rear section of the leaf board is short L/RDZ22405410231
Low foot pedal L/RDZ15221242453/54
High foot pedal L/RDZ15221242455/56
Leaf board skid plateDZ15221242462
Footboard skid plateDZ15221242464
High position skid plateDZ22408450040
Bumper ironDZ96259622110
Bar edge strip L/RDZ96259622460/470
Bar networkDZ96259622210
Attached barDZ96259622370