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Introduction To Hydraulic Oil Pump

Nov 27, 2018

The hydraulic oil pump is composed of four parts: pump body, rectangular oil tank, pressure handle and ultra-high pressure steel wire braided hose. The power component of the hydraulic system is used to convert the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the pressure energy of the liquid, which refers to the oil pump in the hydraulic system. It powers the entire hydraulic system. The hydraulic pump is generally constructed in the form of a gear pump, a vane pump and a plunger pump. The hydraulic oil pump connector has three types: straight-through, self-sealing and quick connector.

The hydraulic oil pump is the power source in the hydraulic system. The hydraulic oil pump we choose should meet the pressure and flow requirements of the hydraulic system. At the same time, we must fully consider the reliability, life, maintainability, etc. so that the selected hydraulic oil pump can be in the hydraulic system. Medium and long term operation. There are many types of hydraulic oil pumps and their characteristics are also very different.