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Improvement Of Hydraulic Oil Pump System

Nov 27, 2018

1. Improve hydraulic system design. After many demonstrations, the advanced priority valve and load sensing full hydraulic steering gear are adopted. The new system can preferentially distribute the flow according to the steering requirements. The oil supply is sufficient regardless of the load size and the steering wheel speed. It can be fully supplied to the working device circuit, thereby eliminating power loss due to excessive oil supply to the steering circuit, improving system efficiency and reducing the working pressure of the hydraulic pump;

2. Optimize the design of the boom cylinder and hydraulic pump to reduce the system working pressure. Through optimization calculations, the boom cylinders use the standard series 80/4. The displacement of the hydraulic oil pump is increased from 10ml/r to 14ml/r, and the system setting pressure is 14MPa, which meets the lifting force and speed requirements of the boom cylinder;

3. During the use, pay attention to the correct use and maintenance of the loader hydraulic oil pump, regularly add or replace the hydraulic oil, maintain the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil, and strengthen daily inspection and maintenance.