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China Auto Spare Parts Exhibition

Nov 04, 2019

China truck spare parts exhibition of Xi'an city

Our company join the China truck spare parts exhibition of Xi'an city.


About this exhibition, our company shows products for cement mixer truck, pump truck accessories.


 Our company is the agent of reducer, oil pump and motor of various brands of mixer, such as PMP, BFL, SAAO, Eaton, Rexroth,ARK... Our company's independent production brand SDMANCA mixer truck loading, such as: mixer truck tug, hopper, hand rocker, shaft, water tank and other products, has been the majority of the audience's attention and love. 

Many customer come here and during the exhibition, potential customers also visited the warehouse and directly placed orders after the negotiation at the exhibition, which is enough to prove that the products of our company are of good quality and favorable price. 



The head of our company was interviewed by the reporter.


Xi'an Exhibition ended on 11.1st.  If you are looking for a suitable supplier, please feel free to contact us as soon as possible.

Let us looking forward to the next Frankfurt exhibition in Shanghai!