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Taboo for Truck Maintenance

Feb 19, 2019

Taboo for truck maintenance

Oil can only be added and not changed

Whether it is a car or a truck, when it comes to maintenance, you always think of changing the oil first. The oil plays a very important role in the engine and is called the "blood" of the engine. Generally, when the mileage reaches a certain number of miles, the oil will deteriorate. At this time, the oil needs to be changed. But there is also a situation where the car has been in need of maintenance when the oil has not deteriorated. At this time, it is checked whether the oil needs to be added.

Each time you add oil directly to the oil tank, the oil will be mixed with the new engine oil for many years, and the performance will be greatly reduced. At this time, the lubrication and cooling effect of the engine will be reduced, and the engine will wear more seriously. Therefore, it is still necessary to change the oil regularly.

Tire tire pressure is too high

The tire pressure of the tire has a great influence on the driving of the truck. In the maintenance, not only the degree of wear of the tire but also the tire pressure of the tire is checked. Some drivers think that the tire pressure is of course higher and higher. In fact, it is not. If the tire pressure is too high or too low, it will affect the service life of the tire.

The scientific inflation standard should be based on the standard pressure given by the manufacturer. If the car manufacturer has no special regulations, it does not need special adjustment in winter or summer. The tire pressure is mainly set in consideration of the weight of the car body and the height of the chassis. factor.

Buttered butter

Sometimes in order to prevent the nuts from rusting, the repair union puts butter on the bolts and nuts of the truck tires. This is actually a loss for the car and a very unsafe practice. After the tire nut is tightened, the thread has a self-locking feature. The equivalent friction angle between the threads after oiling is reduced, and the self-locking performance of the bolt connection is deteriorated. Although this can prevent rust, the loosening effect of the nut may be more serious. .

When the bolt is reorganized, the tighter the tightening is also a common misunderstanding. If the screw is too tight, the screw or bolt will be broken. The tightening torque is specified in the manual. Do not change it at will.

The scientific maintenance of the truck can make the various components of the vehicle last longer and the attendance rate of the car can be higher. So don't take care of the truck in a way that is taken for granted. Have you remembered these taboos?