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Introduction to Cenment Mixer

Feb 13, 2019

Cement mixer, concrete mixer

Transmission system, hydraulic system

Scoop up way
Main car engine

Introduction to the
  Concrete mixer is a special truck used to transport the concrete for building. Because of its shape, it is often called a field snail. These trucks are equipped with cylindrical mixing tanks to carry the mixed concrete. In the process of transportation, the mixing drum will always be kept rotating to ensure that the concrete carried will not solidify. After the concrete is transported, the interior of the mixing cylinder is usually washed with water to prevent the hardened concrete from taking up space and making the volume of the mixing cylinder smaller and smaller .


  It is composed of automobile chassis, mixing cylinder, transmission system, water supply device, full power extractor, front and rear support of mixing cylinder, reducer, hydraulic transmission system, feed in and feed out system, operating mechanism and other parts. Due to the technical bottleneck, the domestic mixer tank volume of 3m3-8m3 USES four domestic parts, and most of the four parts of 8m3 or more volume are imported parts.
The mixer consists of two types of chassis, transmission system, hydraulic system, frame, mixing tank, feeding and discharging device, water supply system, control system, ladder and other parts. The front end of the mixing tank and the reducer are connected on the front end of the rack, and the rear end is supported by two supporting wheels installed on the back end of the rack through the raceway.

The special mechanism mainly includes the force extractor, the front and rear support of the mixing cylinder, the reducer, the hydraulic system, the mixing cylinder, the operating mechanism and the cleaning system, etc. Its working principle: take out the power of the car chassis through the force taking device, and drive the variable pump of the hydraulic system, transfer the mechanical energy into the hydraulic energy to the quantitative motor, the motor then drives the reducer, which drives the mixing device to stir the concrete.

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