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Countermeasures for oil leakage of reducer

Nov 27, 2018

1. Improve the venting cap and inspection hole cover: The internal pressure of the reducer is greater than the external atmospheric pressure is one of the main reasons for oil leakage. If you try to balance the pressure inside and outside the machine, the oil leakage can be prevented. Although the reducer has a venting cap, the venting hole is too small, it is easy to be blocked by pulverized coal and oil, and the inspection hole cover should be opened every time the oil is refilled. Once opened, the possibility of oil leakage is increased once, so that it does not leak. There was also a leak in the place. To this end, an oil cup type venting cap was made, and the original thin inspection hole cover was changed to 6 mm thick, and the oil cup type venting cap was welded to the cover plate, and the vent hole diameter was 6 mm, which was convenient for ventilation. The pressure is achieved, and the oil is added from the oil cup when refueling, and the inspection hole cover is not opened, thereby reducing the chance of oil leakage.

2, smooth flow: To make the excess lubricant of the gear on the bearing not accumulate in the shaft seal, the excess oil must be returned to the oil pool in a certain direction, that is, to achieve a smooth flow. The specific method is to open a oil return groove inclined to the inside of the lower part of the bearing seat, and also open a notch at the straight end of the end cover, the notch is facing the oil groove, so that the excess lubricating oil flows through the notch and the oil return groove. Return to the oil pool.