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Analysis of the cause of oil leakage of reducer

Nov 27, 2018

1. The pressure difference is generated inside and outside the reducer: during the operation of the reducer, the friction of the motion pair is heated and affected by the ambient temperature, so that the temperature of the reducer rises. If there is no vent hole or the vent hole is blocked, the pressure inside the machine gradually increases. The higher the internal temperature, the greater the pressure difference from the outside, and the lubricating oil leaks from the gap under the pressure difference.

2. The structure design of the reducer is unreasonable.

1) Check that the hole cover is too thin, and it is easy to deform after tightening the bolt, so that the joint surface is not flat and oil leakage from the contact gap;

2) During the manufacturing process of the reducer, the casting is not annealed or aging treated, the internal stress is not eliminated, deformation is inevitable, and a gap is generated, resulting in leakage;

3) There is no oil return tank on the tank, and the lubricating oil accumulates in the shaft seal, the end cover, the joint surface, etc., and leaks from the gap under the pressure difference.