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Rexroth Hydraulic Pump A11VLO130LRDS/10R-NZD12K02P-S Series Concrete Pump Main Oil Pump


Rexroth A11VO of A11VO40, A11VO60, A11VO75, A11VO95, A11VO130, A11VO145, A11VO190, A11VO260,axial plunger variable pump.






Rexroth A11VO of  A11VO40, A11VO60, A11VO75, A11VO95, A11VO130, A11VO145, A11VO190, A11VO260,axial plunger variable pump.

Product features

1.Rotary vane axial piston variable pump is  used for hydrostatic transmission in open circuit hydraulic system
2.Mainly designed for the application of walking machinery
3.Under the condition of pressurizing the oil tank or using the optional built-in filling pump (impeller), the pump operates under the condition of automatic starting and filling.
4.Provide various control options to meet the requirements of various applications.
5.The power control option is externally adjustable, even when the pump is running.
6.Through shaft drive suitable for gear pump and axial plunger pump, namely 100% through shaft drive.
7.The output flow rate is proportional to the driving speed and can change continuously between qV Max and qV min = 0.axial plunger variable pump quality
9.competitive price 

Control mode:

LR power control
DR constant pressure control
HD hydraulic control, related to pilot pressure
EP electric proportional control

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